When Your Child Goes Wrong

Sometimes things go wrong. The sweet little child you brought into the world is nearly grown and has made a terrible choice. And you go into a tailspin. You’ve done your best to raise your child and disciple him. From birth, you have taught him about Jesus and to pray. Every child rebels at some time to some degree, and you pray that you are prepared for that. After all, you can remember times of your own rebellion.

Now, at seventeen with his whole life ahead of him, you get the phone call, or you have the conversation you aren’t prepared for. For whatever reason, your child made a terrible choice. What do you do now?


Five Factors for Family Time

How many times have you tried to have some kind of family devotion or Bible time? It is so hard to be consistent, and many parents give up. You are not alone in your struggle, and I want to offer a few suggestions to help.


When you try to find that perfect time to have your family devotion, Bible reading or worship time, you will come across obstacles.

Cancer Checkup Number 6

Beating Cancer

I hate cancer. But today I claim another victory. My six-month checkup went very well. My PSA remains low, only 0.6. This is milestone number 6 along the journey of my recovery, which started on April 26, 2013 with my diagnosis.

I celebrate because God has seen fit to bless me with a wonderful loving wife and family, a fabulous urologist (Dr. Michael Myers) and awesome radiology-oncologist (Dr. Richard Freeman), and many prayer warriors. Because God has touched my body, I rejoice in that I am beating this disease and that my side-effects have been minimal to none. I am truly blessed by God beyond words, and I thank Him daily for my good health.

Five Instructions for Church Leaders & Disciple Makers

During his life, Paul the Apostle wrote extensively to people and to congregations scatter about Europe and Asia. This was the time of the dawning of the Christian faith and its explosive growth throughout the Roman world. Paul wrote three “pastoral letters” during this time, two to his young protege Timothy, and one to another protege Titus. After investing himself into these young men of God, they became shepherds and overseers of local churches. These three letters are deeply personal and contain rich instructions to leaders on various topics. Among the instructions Paul gave in these letters, he made five “trustworthy sayings,” or statements.


Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family (Crossway, 2016)

Every parent-to-be, parent, grandparent and guardian should read this book. After reading once through, I re-read it to absorb each principle which Paul Tripp presents in each chapter. I will read this one over and over.

This is one of the most practical and thought-provoking books on parenting I have read. To start, Tripp teaches in Principle 1 that we parents are called by God to form a human soul. What an amazing truth to realize! He then explains how much priority God places on parenting with a study of Deuteronomy 6:4-9.

The remaining principles are built on this foundation and help parents guide their children to develop a Biblical worldview: that God exists; He characterizes love, mercy, and grace; and that He has a plan for every person. Tripp writes of personal experiences to illustrate ways to improve parenting with preschoolers, children, and teenagers.

I recommend that married couples read each Principle (chapter) together and discuss each one thoroughly before moving to the next one. You will be challenged to examine your own walk with the Lord as you seek to lead your child to a relationship with Jesus.